14 people died and 37 were injured in a Bus Crashes Inside China Tunnel

14 people died and 37 were injured in a Crashes Inside China Tunnel

China: 14 people were killed and 37 were injured when a bus crashed inside a high-speed tunnel in northern China, state media reported on Wednesday.

The accident happened shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, state-run broadcaster CCTV reported, citing local officials in Shanxi province. According to the official, the accident occurred when the bus carrying 51 passengers hit the inner wall of the tunnel. 

Chinese news agency Xinhua confirmed the number of dead and injured in a separate report, without providing details on the severity of the condition of the survivors. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

In February last year, at least 16 people were killed and dozens injured when a vehicle crashed into dozens of vehicles coming from behind on a foggy night in central Hunan province.

 A month before that, 19 people died and 20 people were injured in a road accident in eastern Jiangxi province.

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