21 Killed in 870 Fire Incidents in Koshi Province This Fiscal Year

Electric Fire Destroys Two Houses in Diktel, Khotang

Over the past fortnight, Koshi Province has witnessed a total of 266 fire-related incidents, as reported by the provincial police office situated in Biratnagar. Among these incidents, three fatalities have been recorded, alongside the destruction of over 160 residential properties.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunil Dahal, who also serves as the information officer at the Koshi Province Police Office, disclosed that within the fiscal year 2023-24, the province encountered 870 fire incidents. Regrettably, these incidents led to the loss of 21 lives, with 97 individuals sustaining injuries, and an estimated property damage of around Rs150 million.

Dahal emphasized that human activities, notably poaching and agricultural practices such as land clearing, significantly contribute to the occurrence of fires. Furthermore, discarded cigarette butts and electrical short-circuits are identified as common triggers for such incidents.

Highlighting specific areas affected, Dahal mentioned that Morang witnessed eight fatalities, while Bhojpur reported four deaths in the current fiscal year. Moreover, Jhapa, Panchthar, Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga, and Taplejung each reported varying casualties due to fire-related incidents.

Tragically, on a recent Saturday, a fire in Hatuwagadhi Rural Municipality-7 of Bhojpur district claimed the lives of three children aged three, five, and seven. The fire erupted in Kedar Karki’s cattle shed, where the children were playing. Similarly, in Rangali Municipality-3 of Morang district, a massive fire razed 22 houses in the Santhal settlement, triggered by sparks from electrical wires.

Responding to the calamity, Chief Minister Kedar Karki, alongside other officials, visited the affected areas. The provincial government extended support by providing Rs100,000 to each bereaved family in Bhojpur district.

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