65 thousand Nepalis went abroad to work in Falgun

65 thousand Nepalis went abroad for work in Falgun.

KATHMANDU- More than 65,000 Nepali workers have gone abroad for employment in the month of falgun According to the Department of Foreign Employment. A total of 65,658 individuals have obtained labor approvals (including re-approvals) in falgun. Among them, 58,890 are male and 6,768 are female. 39,920 individuals have received labor approvals for the first time.

31,898 individuals have gone abroad for employment under institutional labor approval (through manpower), while 7,447 have gone with personal labor approvals, and 575 individuals have gone through JIT (Just in Time) labor approvals.

Within a month, 85 highly skilled individuals have migrated abroad. Similarly, 349 professionals, 5,160 semi-skilled individuals, 47,577 skilled, and 12,487 unskilled workers have gone to various countries for foreign employment, as indicated by the department’s data.

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