Actress Pooja Sharma Hospitalized Due to Appendicitis

Actress Puja Sharma Hospitalized Due to Appendicitis

Lalitpur, Nepal– Actress Pooja Sharma was admitted to the hospital. She was rushed to the hospital when she suddenly experienced stomach issues, as reported by a source close to her.

Pooja was admitted to Nepal Mediciti Hospital in Lalitpur when she started experiencing abdominal pain. During treatment, it was diagnosed that she had appendicitis. After the appendectomy, Pooja’s health has now improved.

Information about Pooja not feeling well was shared through a post on her Instagram story. Her boyfriend Yuddha Baniya also shared a video from the hospital’s ward, wishing her well. He wrote “Get well soon, Love you” in the caption.

Recently, Pooja has been busy with the promotion of her upcoming film “Dhamvi”. However, the timing of her health issues coinciding with the film’s release affected the promotion to some extent.

Nevertheless, Pooja’s illness didn’t seem to affect the audience’s anticipation to watch the film.

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