Agastya Chapter 1 The Nepali movie collects more than 1.5 crore

Agastya Chapter 1 box office collection

Embarking on an unyielding journey, ‘The Invincible AGASTYA – Chapter 1’ stands as a groundbreaking Nepali film directed by Saurav Chaudhary.

This cinematic masterpiece features renowned talents from both the Nepali and Bollywood film industries, capturing captivating scenes in the picturesque locations of Gorakhpur, Banaras, Kathmandu, and Nawalparashi. Stay tuned as the star-studded cast is poised to be unveiled soon, marking this project as one of the monumental achievements in the history of Nepali cinema.

Agastya Chapter 1 box office collection

according to the sources, the Nepali movie Agastya Chapter 1 collected 1.2 crores in its 2 days of release and till now it has collected more than 1.5 crores till now

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