Balen shah raps on Holi festival in DurbarMarg

Balen shah raps on Holi festival in DurbarMarg

Balen Shah, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City showcased his rap skills at the Holi festival held in DurbarMarg. During the Fagu Purnima celebrations, Mayor Sah delighted the audience by performing a spontaneous rap in a program organized on Sunday at DurbarMarg.

Responding to persistent requests from participants representing Metropolitan City-1 and local clubs, Mayor Sah took to the stage and delivered a brief rap.

Addressing the crowd, a member of Mayor Sah’s secretariat remarked, “‘You have celebrated Holi to make your program successful. Balen along with other artists also participated in the concert on Durbar Marg.”

Following his performance, Mayor Sah engaged with the audience, asking, “How long will you stay here? Stay all night, you can celebrate Holi all night in Kathmandu.”

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