Bookings for “Degree Maila” movie have opened in America

Bookings for Degree Maila movie have opened in America

AMERICA– The film “Degree Maila” has already opened bookings in America ahead of its premiere on Chaitra 30. Seven Seas Entertainment, the company that has acquired international distribution rights, announced on Sunday that bookings for the film have opened in various cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and others.

Actor Buddhi Tamang will attend the Hollywood star-studded cinema premiere on April 11. Sevein Siz has informed us that the film will be released in 10 cities including Los Angeles in America from April 12. Additionally, preparations for the film screenings have been made in more than 20 cities including San Francisco from April 19 and in Denver, Colorado, and Arizona from April 26.

Expectations are high for the film’s four-week run, with approximately 40,000 to 60,000 Nepali viewers expected to watch it across around 700 shows in America. The film will be screened daily in over 40 theaters across America. Actor Tamang will participate in premieres held in Las Vegas, Dallas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York in the order of his stay in America.

Directed by Ram Babu Gurung, the film features performances by Dayahang Rai, Anchal Sharma, Prakash Ghimire, Maotse Gurung, Vijay Baral, Buddhi Tamang, and others. Bookings for the film in Nepal are expected to open on Monday or Tuesday. With discussions buzzing around the film after the release of its teaser/trailer and the Kabaddi group’s film, it seems likely that the film will make a significant impact at the box office.

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