Children suffer electric burns in Rajasthan’s Kota

Rajastan kota news

Rajasthan: On Friday, during the Shivratri celebrations in Kota, Rajasthan, seventeen children and a woman suffered electric burns, with one of them in critical condition, according to officials.

The incident occurred around 11 am in the Kali Basti area. Arvind Bhardhwaj, the Circle Inspector of Kunhari police station, provided details about the incident. A group of children, part of a procession moving from one temple to another while carrying a kalash (utensil), inadvertently came into contact with a high-tension wire. The iron rod holding a flag hoisted by the children touched the wire, resulting in electric burns for the children and the accompanying woman. All the victims were promptly transported to the hospital, with one child reported to have suffered around 70% burns and being in critical condition.

The children admitted to Kota’s MBS Hospital Kota range from 9 to 16 years old. Upon receiving information about the incident, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Collector Ravindra Goswami visited the hospital. Rajasthan Energy Minister Heeralal Nagar also paid a visit, expressing sadness over the incident. Birla assured that there would be a thorough investigation, and everyone would receive the best available treatment. He emphasized the seriousness of one child’s condition and pledged to facilitate referrals to other hospitals if necessary.

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