Concrete Bridge Constructed at Thimura: Inauguration Plans Underway

The construction of Concrete Bridge at Thimura has been completed

Thimura -A concrete bridge spanning the Trishuli River now links Devghat Rural Municipality in Tanahun with Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Chitwan. The construction of this bridge, at a cost of Rs 216.848 million, has been completed.

The bridge, which connects Devghat-5, Ghinatar, and Bharatpur Metropolitan City-1, Thimura, is already operational. Til Bahadur Thapa, chairperson of Devghat Rural Municipality, has announced plans for an official inauguration ceremony.

Tankanath Poudel, chairperson of the Bridge Construction Users Committee, stated that an invitation has been extended to President Ramchandra Paudel to inaugurate the bridge on March 30 (Saturday). A meeting of security chiefs, including the Chief District Officers of Tanahun and Chitwan, will convene today to discuss arrangements for the inauguration.

Construction on the bridge commenced in October 2015.

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