Degree Maila release date in Sydney, Australia, and America

Degree Maila release date in Sydney, Australia, and America

Degree Maila, a Dayahang Rai starring movie, is set to release in Sydney, Australia, and America on April 12th.

The production team has made public the posters for the release in Australia and America, along with information that the film will also be released in Nepal on the same day.

The film will be released internationally by Seven Seas Entertainment. According to the information provided by the production team, the film will be released in major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, and Launceston. Tickets for the film can be purchased from in Australia.

Similarly, information provided by the production team indicates that the film will have around 400 shows in more than 40 cities across America. Directed by Rambabu Gurung, the film stars Dayahang Rai in the lead role. Alongside Dayahang, the film features Aanchal Sharma, Vijay Baral, Buddhi Tamang, Prakash Ghimire, and Maotse Gurung, among others. Produced by Bansuri Films, the film presents the story of an educated unemployed individual.

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Under the direction of actor Dayahang Rai, who also directed a play a few years ago, the film is based on the same name play. The producers of the film, Bansuri Films, have previously produced films like Kabaddi and Sushma. The producers of the film are Bishal Gurung, Maniram Pokharel, Madhu Mishra, and Sushma Gurung.

Krish Lama serves as the executive producer of the film. The editing is done by Nimesh Shrestha, and the background music is by Rohit Shakya. The cinematography is handled by two cameramen, Shivaram Shrestha and Riley S. Shin.

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