Disruption and theft reported at three cooperatives in Gauradaha, Jhapa

Disruption and theft reported at three cooperatives in Gauradaha, Jhapa

JHAPA- In a single night in Gauradaha, Jhapa, three cooperatives fell victim to theft and vandalism. Two cooperatives were targeted on what should have been a day of celebration for cooperatives. The Gauradaha Ward No. 5 Public Welfare Cooperative, the Maharanijhoda Savings and Credit Cooperative, and the Chapramari Service Center of the Small Farmers Cooperative were all vandalized, with cash being stolen in each instance.

Yogesh Acharya, the chairman, reported a theft of seven lakh rupees from a safe at the Public Welfare Cooperative in School Chowk. He expressed confidence that all transactions could be traced once the safe was examined. Additionally, it was noted that 85,000 rupees were taken from the Maharanijhoda Service Center and 54,000 rupees from the Small Farmers Cooperative.

In response to these incidents, Mayor Chhatrapati Subedi led a team to visit the affected cooperatives to identify the perpetrators. Subedi demanded increased security measures from the local administration to prevent such occurrences in the future, stressing the urgency of addressing the rising trend of theft.

The community has echoed these concerns, calling for heightened security measures following the thefts at three cooperative institutions in a single night. Furthermore, another incident occurred on March 5th at the Shubhlakshmi Savings and Credit Cooperative in Bagundhara, Gauradaha, further underscoring the need for enhanced security measures.

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