Elephant Attack Claims Woman’s Life in Jhapa

Elephant Attack Claims Woman's Life in Jhapa

JHAPA- A tragic incident unfolded in the Shivasatakshi Municipality of Jhapa district when a woman became the victim of a wild elephant attack, resulting in her untimely demise.

The incident occurred on Wednesday within the forested terrain of the Ratuwamai Reforestation Project in Shivasatakshi-11. Pabitra Bhetuwal, aged sixty, tragically succumbed to the attack on the spot, while her husband, sixty-two-year-old Dilip Bhetuwal, sustained injuries, as confirmed by Police Inspector Dhundiraj Giri of the District Police Office.

The couple had entered the forest to gather grass for their cattle and firewood when the calamitous event took place.

A prompt response from a police team stationed at the Jhiljhile Area Police Office, located seven kilometers south of the incident site, led to the rescue of Dilip. He was swiftly transported to Purnatung Birta City Hospital for urgent medical attention, bearing injuries to his mouth, limbs, and various parts of his body.

Tragically, this incident marks the fifth fatality from wild elephant attacks in Jhapa district over the past eight months.

Additionally, the rampant elephant has wreaked havoc by damaging the residences of Nanda Prasad Poudel and Durga Basnet in Bahraghare of Arjundhara Municipality-9, while also consuming stored paddy from a cowshed.

The wild elephant’s destructive spree extended to devouring maize crops belonging to Aaitraj Limboo in Kamal Rural Municipality-5 just a day prior to this tragic event.

Further exacerbating the situation, the marauding elephants caused significant damage by toppling the homes of Tanka Prasad Poudel, Chhunu Danuwar, and Dhanasingh Tamang in Fokandanda, Mechinagar Municipality-3, this past Sunday, according to police reports.

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