EPS Korea Exam Results: Only 6000 Out of 40,000 Passed the Test

EPS Korea Exam Results

EPS Exam 2024– This year, only 6,321 individuals have passed the first phase of the EPS Korean Language examination.

According to the Employment Permit System (EPS) branch, 40,580 individuals participated in the first phase of the examination.

The examination was conducted from the 7th of Falgun to the 24th of Chait.

Candidates who passed the first phase of the examination will have to participate in the EPS-TOPIK test. The EPS-TOPIK test will be conducted by the branch from the 9th to the 15th of Baisakh next year.

The second phase of the examination for the production sector will also take place from Baisakh. In this, more than 80,000 participants are expected to participate.

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