Fire Destroys 19 houses in Jamuwa, Nahar Chowk, Sunsari

Fire Destroys 19 houses in Jamuwa, Nahar Chowk, Sunsari

SUNSARI- A devastating fire erupted on Sunday afternoon in Jamuwa, Nahar Chowk of Koshi Rural Municipality-3 in Sunsari, destroying nineteen houses belonging to ten families. Deputy Superintendent of Police Nabin Krishna Bhandari reported significant losses, including houses, motorcycles, rickshaws, paddy fields, and jewelry.

DSP Bhandari stated that the fire engulfed Nahar Chowk around 1:00 pm on Sunday, with properties of locals such as Qadir Miya, Mohammad Ansari, Abul Kalam, Rashid Ansari, Irfan Ansari, Samla Bano Ansari, Arif Ansari, Ismail Ansari, Samiullah Ansari, and Zainuddin Ansari being ravaged.

The blaze originated from a short circuit near the residence of Kadir Miya, rapidly spreading and consuming houses roofed with straw, and corrugated zinc sheets, as well as thatched-roof kitchens and cowsheds.

Despite the efforts of fire brigades from Koshi Rural Municipality, Barah Kshetra, Inaruwa, Ramdhuni Municipality, and Itahari Sub Metropolitan City, along with assistance from locals, Nepal Police, and Armed Police Force, controlling the fire proved challenging due to strong winds. It took two hours and the simultaneous mobilization of five fire engines to finally bring the flames under control, as confirmed by the police.

Local Mikail Alam reported swift relief efforts for the fire victims, with immediate support arranged by local representatives and federal lawmakers who promptly arrived at the scene.

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