Fire Engulfs Koshi Bitten Rice Mill in Pathari

fire in Taplejung

Pathari: A devastating fire wreaked havoc on the Koshi Bitten Rice Mill situated at Buddha Chowk in Pathari Shanishare municipality-1, triggering a substantial loss of Rs 15 million.

The inferno erupted within the mill compound late last night, swiftly consuming stored grains and vital machinery.

Swift action was taken as firefighters from Pathari Shanishchare, Urlabari, Kanepokhari, and Belbari municipalities rushed to the site with fire engines to battle the flames.

Local residents rallied alongside Nepal Police and Armed Police Force personnel, actively aiding in the containment efforts.

Despite the collaborative response, the precise cause of the fire remains elusive, according to statements from the Pathari police office.

Authorities have initiated investigations to ascertain the circumstances leading to the tragic incident, with inquiries currently underway.

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