Ghode Jatra being celebrated in Kathmandu today

Ghode Jatra being celebrated in Kathmandu today

KATHMANDU– Today, the Kathmandu Valley is ablaze with the celebration of Ghode Jatra.

This vibrant festival, marked by its occurrence on the eighth day of the waning moon in the month of Chaitra according to the lunar calendar, carries with it a rich legend.

It is said that in ages past, Gurumapa, a malevolent demon lurking in the eastern reaches of Tundikhel, would perch upon a tree, preying upon the city’s youth. Despite valiant efforts by the locals to rid themselves of his menace, the specter of Gurumapa persisted, instilling fear once more among the children.

In a symbolic act of defiance and protection, every year on this auspicious day, the earth resounds with the thunderous beats of hooves as horses pound the ground, signifying the subjugation of Gurumapa’s spirit.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety of the city’s children, offerings are tendered to Gurumapa beneath the very tree where he once cast his shadow.

This age-old tradition serves to imbue the community with a sense of assurance, fortifying their belief in the safeguarding of their children from the clutches of Gurumapa throughout the passing year.

In commemoration of Ghode Jatra, Tundikhel plays host to a myriad of activities organized by the Nepali Army, ranging from horse-riding and motorcycle races to physical exercises and martial arts demonstrations.

Acknowledging the significance of this festival, the government has decreed a public holiday for the Kathmandu Valley, allowing its denizens to partake fully in the festivities and traditions that define Ghode Jatra.

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