Holi being observed in the Tarai area today

Holi being observed in the Tarai area today

The festival of colors, Holi or Phagu, is being celebrated today in the districts of Terai Madhesh. Holi was celebrated on Sunday in hilly and hilly districts.

It is customary to celebrate Holi in Terai Madhesh districts the day after Holi is celebrated in hilly and Himalayan districts. On the occasion of Holi, the government has given a public holiday in the districts of Terai Madhesh today. Sunday was a public holiday in Himalayan and hilly districts.

Besides, every day in Terai Madhesh, there is the excitement of the Holi festival. Madhesh is preparing to play Holi which started from Sunday till Tuesday. The Hindu community of Parbate (hill) origin, who are densely settled in the northern areas of all the eight districts of the state, celebrated Holi on Sunday itself.

In the sadhu tradition (monastery, gurukul tradition) there is a tradition of playing Holi on Pratipada Tithi, which is after the end of Punirma. According to this, the Holi festival is being celebrated on Monday (today) in most places of Terai Madhesh.

There is a tradition of celebrating the Holi festival the day after the Antagriha Parikrama is completed within the Madhyamik Parikrama area of ​​Mithila. According to this, Holi will be played on Tuesday after the internal circumambulation is done on Monday.

The name of Holi celebrated according to the place is also different. It is called ‘Fagu Poonirma’ in Himalayan and hilly areas and ‘Holi’ in Terai-Madhesh. In Maithili, Holi is called ‘Fagua’ and ‘Hori’.

In most areas of Terai-Madhesh, the Holi festival is celebrated on the day after Punirma, but in Janakpurdham, the capital of ancient Mithila, the Holi festival is celebrated on the day after the internal circumambulation.

Pilgrims participating in the fifteen-day Mithila Parikrama circumambulate Janakpurdham to reach their respective destinations, so there is a difference in the custom of celebrating Holi here. On this occasion, the Hori singing competition and the Mahamurka conference of the theater institutions here are popular.

The festival of Holi, which paints everyone in the same color, has been a source of inspiration for equality and harmony. Giving a message of unity among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Mongols, Kirant, Rai etc., this festival has been communicating joy and enthusiasm in everyone’s heart.

Holi is a symbol of truth over falsehood, integrity over deception, and the victory of religion over iniquity.

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