Hydrogen Production Set to Begin in Nepal

Hydrogen Production Set to Begin in Nepal

For the first time in Nepal, preparations have been made for hydrogen production. Kathmandu University, which has been researching green hydrogen, has provided information that hydrogen production work has reached its final stage.

According to Dr. Viraj Singh Thapa, the chief of Nepal Hydrogen Initiatives under the university, only a few machines of the hydrogen refilling station are left for testing. If all tests are completed, hydrogen filling will take place this Saturday evening and the station’s official operation will begin on Sunday.

Previously, Hyundai’s Nexo fuel cell hydrogen car has already been imported from South Korea by the university. The car, priced at around 8 million Nepalese Rupees, has a power of 161 horsepower, meaning it has a capacity of 120 kilowatts, and it is claimed to have a range of 611.551 kilometers. The university had started the construction of the refilling station last December, which was necessary to produce hydrogen for the same car. The university had imported the necessary materials for it from Japan, taking three months.

Now, with the use of electricity and water from the station itself, hydrogen production is expected to take place here. The university has been working on testing with technical teams from Korea and Germany. If this station is successful, it is believed that Nepal will take new heights in hydrogen.

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