illegal Drugs: Four Arrested Including Brown Sugar in Jhapa

Four Arrested Including Brown Sugar in Jhapa

JHAPA- Police conducted several operations on Thursday resulting in multiple arrests related to drug possession. Four individuals, including 23-year-old Salim Alam from Kankai Municipality-3, were detained with illicit substances resembling brown sugar, totaling 970 milligrams.

In a separate incident, two individuals, including 28-year-old Ajay Basnet from Shivasatakshi Municipality -10, were caught with brown sugar weighing 3 grams and 180 milligrams in Kankai Municipality-5.

Additionally, Mohammad Muna, 32, from Thakurganj, India, was arrested while attempting to enter Nepal via Mechinagar Municipality-6, Mechi Bridge, carrying substances resembling heroin weighing 2 grams. Police have initiated further investigations into the matter.

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