“In the country, change is necessary: Chairman KP Sharma Oli.”

KP Sharma Oli

KP Sharma Oli: “The Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (Unified Marxist-Leninist), KP Sharma Oli, has mentioned the necessity for change in the country for development and prosperity.

Addressing a program organized on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Nepal Trade Union Confederation (NTUC), Oli highlighted the current situation of the country and emphasized the need for change for both progress and advancement.

Chairman Oli stated, ‘Even though there might be some positive changes from the current chaotic situation, we do not abandon our mission-2084. In the upcoming elections of 2084, the party aims to be elected as a national force and develop the country in decisive power rapidly for its progress and prosperity.’

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Chairman Oli, focusing on the modernization of agriculture and extensive development in the industrial sector, urged the leaders and workers of NTUC to work centered on the interests of the working class and the lower strata of society along with the welfare of the Singh community.

Encouraging the workers not to resort to strikes and shutdowns but to engage in policy-driven and legal frameworks, he also urged the youth to actively participate in entrepreneurship to increase employment opportunities.”

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