Jeewan Gurung, Advisor to Nand Bahadur Pun, Absconds

Jeewan Gurung, Nand Bahadur Pun's advisor abscond

Kathmandu, Nepal– Former Vice President Nand Bahadur Pun’s foreign advisor Jeewan Gurung has absconded. Gurung, who was released on bail after being arrested in connection with a 14-kilo gold smuggling case, is now on the run.

The Revenue Investigation Department, after seizing more than 60 kilos of gold during a check at the Tribhuvan International Airport on 2nd Shrawan, had initiated further investigation. However, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has not been able to apprehend Gurung yet.

Chandra Ghale from Gorakha was arrested at the Tribhuvan International Airport with 14 kilos of gold under his possession on 21st Mansir, traveling via Fly Dubai. After finding Gurung’s involvement in the seized 14 kilos of gold, the CIB arrested Ghale on 14th Phagun.

The Bhansar Office at the airport demanded a fine of 1 billion 40 million rupees and a five-year imprisonment from Gurung in the gold smuggling case, filing a case at the District Court in Kathmandu. Gurung, along with the President of Platinum College who was also residing in Dillibazaar, was released on bail on 5th Chait with a bond of 1.5 million.

Even though Gurung was released on bail for the 14-kilo gold case, it was revealed that his involvement extended beyond 60 kilos. The investigation commission appointed by the former Chief Justice Diliraj Acharya confirmed that the vehicle registered under Gurung’s name was used for gold smuggling.

It was mentioned in the report that after Dawajin gave money to Krishna Bahadur Mahara, former Speaker and Vice Chairman of the Maoist Center, for facilitating the vehicle, Mahara then asked the Chairman of Platinum College to assist Dawajin. Once Dawajin paid the amount, Gurung bought the vehicle under his name, confirming Dawajin’s involvement.

The Commission, in its report, also mentioned illegal transportation and the business of gold using Gurung’s name. After finding evidence of Gurung’s involvement in purchasing the vehicle for gold smuggling, the CIB has further intensified its investigation.

However, the CIB source informed online news that Gurung has now absconded, switching off his mobile phone. “We have stepped up our investigation after finding Gurung’s involvement in the gold smuggling and his connection with Mahara. But now, Gurung is on the run,” said a CIB officer.

Earlier, the Bhansar Department had claimed that Gurung was the mastermind behind the 14-kilo gold smuggling case. It was revealed that Gurung had directed Meen Ghale and Chandra Ghale to carry out the smuggling operation.

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