Mahajatra box office collection: earned more than 10 crore till now

Mahajatra box office collection earned more than 10 crore till now

Mahajatra box office collection– The film ‘Mahajatra‘, which premiered on Chaitra 9, has become the second-highest-grossing film of the year. While ‘Jhari’ holds the first position with earnings exceeding 17 crores, ‘Mahajatra’ secures the second spot by earning over 10 crores. The production team announced a blockbuster through a poster on Friday, claiming earnings of 10 crores and 14 lakhs within two weeks of release.

In the first week, the film earned 6 crores and 24 lakhs, followed by 3 crores and 90 lakhs in the second week. However, the craze among audiences seems to be diminishing as it enters the third week. Despite this, the film ‘Housefull’ was screened at the FKUB Hall in Chabahil at midnight (11:45) on Wednesday. Multiplexes are still offering good shows in the third week as well.

Director Pradeep Bhattarai expressed gratitude to the audience on Facebook after the film’s enthusiastic two-week run, stating, “The environment for making another successful film has been created. I will make another good film, and I will return your favor. Thank you for this sweet experience and trust.” Along with ‘Mahajatra’, five of his films including ‘Jatra’, ‘Shatru Gate’, ‘Jatrai Jatra’, and ‘Mahapurush’ have been successful.

Now, breaking the record of ‘Jhari’, which earned 17 crores, poses a significant challenge for ‘Mahajatra’. To achieve this, maintaining stable business in the coming days is crucial. However, breaking the record set by ‘Jhari’ won’t be easy for the film as it might face a decline in theater occupancy this week. The upcoming release of another major film this year, ‘Degree Mile’, on Chaitra 30, could also affect business.

Mahajatra box office collection

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