Mahajatra The Nepali movie to be released in Sydney, Australia, and 40 countries

Mahajatra movie collection in Middle-East countries

Mahajatra The Nepali movies are to be released in Australia and more than 40 countries in The world. The release date will be announced soon

The film ‘Mahajatra’ directed by Pradeep Bhattarai is scheduled to be released in 40 countries. MSM Entertainment is going to screen this film in Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and the Oceania region, it is mentioned in the release.

The production company Shatkon Arts has said that it will be performed in all countries within a week. It will be released in Nepal on Friday.

Next week, this film will be released in America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The United Kingdom will also film in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Europe, the release is also scheduled in Denmark, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria and France.

In the Middle East, the film will also be released in UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. This third series of the ‘Jatra’ series has Harivansh Acharya, Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniyan, Ravindra Jha, and Varsha Raut in lead roles.

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