Man ‘kills self’ allegedly after murdering wife in Morang

Man ‘kills self’ allegedly after murdering wife in Morang

“Tragedy Strikes: Husband Allegedly Takes Own Life After Fatally Assaulting Wife in Morang Home”

Belbari Municipality-1, Morang: A disturbing incident unfolded within the confines of a residence, where a husband and wife became victims of a violent attack.

DSP Ranjan Kumar Dahal, spokesperson of District Police Office Morang, revealed initial findings portraying a distressing series of events.

Reports suggest that 60-year-old Bam Bahadur Limbu ended his own life after allegedly inflicting fatal injuries on his wife, 45-year-old Geeta Limbu.

“At approximately 1:50 am, Geeta’s lifeless body was discovered with wounds inflicted by a sharp weapon, while her husband Bam Bahadur was found critically injured with a deep neck laceration,” stated DSP Dahal.

“Despite medical efforts, he succumbed to his injuries during treatment at Nobel Hospital in Biratnagar.”

The tragic incident, rooted in longstanding familial discord, unveils a troubled history.

“Instances of domestic strife were unfortunately not uncommon in their household,” DSP Dahal remarked.

Initial assessments indicate that Bam Bahadur resorted to suicide following the alleged heinous act, authorities disclosed.

This was the couple’s second marriage, both originating from Belbari-1.

“They sustained themselves through manual labor, residing in a modest dwelling,” DSP Dahal revealed.

Moreover, their minor son, who has been safeguarded and remains unharmed, is now under the care of the authorities.

Efforts are underway to notify the respective families of the couple.

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