Mayor Harka Sampang to support the film industry

Mayor Sampang to support the film industry

Mayor Harka Sampang of Dharan Sub-metropolitan City has unveiled initiatives to integrate the Nepali film industry into the municipal budget for the forthcoming year.

Addressing the ‘Mahajatra with Local Government: Cinema Dialogue’ event in Dharan, Mayor Sampang voiced his unwavering backing for art, culture, and Nepali cinema.

“I am dedicated to earmarking funds for Nepali films within our budgetary allocations. Dharan has exhibited a profound interest in the cinematic realm, and I am deeply committed to fostering art, culture, and literary endeavors,” Mayor Sampang affirmed.

Additionally, he disclosed plans to compile a comprehensive directory of filming locales to facilitate production activities in Dharan.

Mayor Sampang commended actor Haribansha Acharya for his contributions to spreading mirth and delight through his performances, encouraging the public to bolster Nepali cinema by patronizing theatrical releases, thereby alleviating the workload on prolific actors like Acharya.

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Actor Haribansha Acharya expressed his eagerness to film in Dharan, citing his positive experiences during the filming of ‘Balidan’ in the locale. He welcomed Mayor Sampang’s initiative, recognizing the necessity for fresh venues and audiences to invigorate the industry.

Rabindra Singh Baniya, the executive producer of the film ‘Mahajatra,’ expressed anticipation for collaboration with the local government, urging Mayor Sampang to streamline procedures to mitigate potential complications, from scouting locations to the filming process.

Lead actor Bipin Karki underscored the significance of cleanliness at filming sites, suggesting that enhancing this aspect would bolster productivity. Actress Barsha Raut emphasized the imperative of a supportive work environment, particularly for female actors grappling with unique challenges during productions.

During the event, representatives from various industry organizations deliberated on the hurdles confronting the drama and film sectors in Dharan, proposing potential remedies.

Meanwhile, the team behind the film ‘Mahajatra’ is actively engaged in promotional endeavors across Nepal in anticipation of its release on March 22.

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