Money Transfer Robbery in Siraha

Money Transfer's money looted in Siraha

SIRAHA– an armed robbery targeted a daytime money transfer between municipalities, with 1.5 million rupees stolen near Mahisotha, 500 meters north of the District Police Office.

In Siraha, during the daytime, money transfer was looted by showing weapons. In the case of one money transfer from Siraha municipality to Vishnupur rural municipality, an amount of 1.5 million and 50 thousand rupees was being carried, which was looted by showing weapons from near Mahisotha heading towards the north about 500 meters from the District Police Office.

The robbers who came on an Indian number motorcycle looted Purushottam Yadav, along with the motorcycle bearing number स.. 9 प. 6310, and also took cash along with two Global IME Bank cheques and three blank cheques from National Commerce Bank. The District Police Office has been informed of the incident.

The looted amount is reported to be from the money transfer operated by Kusheshwar Yadav of Ward No. 1 of Vishnupur Rural Municipality. According to Yadav’s statement, the person riding the motorcycle had a black helmet and wore red clothes behind, as mentioned by the police.

DSP Muktinath Sapkota, the Information Officer of the District Police Office in Siraha, confirmed the incident and provided further details, stating that further investigation into the incident is underway.

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