Nepali Congress to Challenge Gandaki CM Appointment in Supreme Court”

Nepali Congress to Challenges Gandaki Chief Minister Appointment in Supreme Court

KATHMANDU, NEPAL– The decision by the Nepali Congress to file a case in the Supreme Court against the appointment of Khagraj Adhikari, an elected representative of the CPN (Maoist Centre), as Chief Minister of Gandaki, citing the use of the Speaker’s signature as unconstitutional, has been made known. This decision was informed to Deputy Prime Minister Jeevan Pariyar by a meeting of Congress office bearers and former office bearers held at Party President Sher Bahadur Deuba’s residence.

“If the Speaker’s signature is not sufficient to avoid claims against the government in Gandaki, then appointing the Chief Minister using even the Speaker’s signature is unconstitutional,” Pariyar said publicly. “That’s why we demand to reveal this unconstitutional step, and tomorrow, Congress Chief Minister Surendra Pandey will go to the Supreme Court.”

President Deuba has also summoned Pandey for discussions.

In the course of discussions, it was claimed that it was unconstitutional to use the signatures of not only the Speaker but also of Dr Baburam Bhattarai, a member of the Nepal Socialist Party affiliated with the Maoist Centre, who was also demanded.

The coalition of the CPN (Maoist Centre) with the CPN-UML in the 60-member Gandaki Provincial Assembly does not have a majority. Apart from the 22 from the Maoists and 7 from the Speaker, only 30 votes are received from the remaining 1 independent. However, one more seat is still to be filled.

This controversy arises from the use of the Speaker’s signature to appoint the Chief Minister. Previously, a similar use of the Speaker’s signature in Koshi had been overturned by the Supreme Court when forming the government.

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