Nepali Literary Figure Dadhiraj Subedi passed away

Nepali Literary Figure Dadhiraj Subedi passed away

BIRATNAGAR, NEPAL- Dadhiraj Subedi, a distinguished literary figure and critic from Biratnagar, has passed away at the age of 78 after a battle with cancer. He breathed his last on Wednesday at 3 am.

Subedi leaves behind a remarkable literary legacy, marked by notable works such as “Morang’s Literary History,” “Nepali Sahitya ka Muskanharu,” “Swandarya Kabita Sangraha,” and “Aviral Yatra.” Renowned for his prolificacy, he offered insightful critiques on a plethora of works.

In addition to his literary contributions, Subedi was a revered figure in the social fabric of Biratnagar. Writer Minkumar Navodit conveyed the profound loss felt by the city, remarking, “Biratnagar mourns the loss of a leader in literary, social, cultural, and religious spheres.”

The final rites for Subedi will be conducted on Wednesday at Paropakar Ghat in Biratnagar.

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