Nepali Movie ‘The Red Suitcase’ trailer released

Nepali Movie 'The Red Suitcase' trailer released

The preview of “The Red Suitcase,” scheduled to premiere on April 12, coinciding with the Nepali New Year of 2081, was unveiled during an event held in Kathmandu on Monday.

Directed by Fidel Devkota, a graduate in visual anthropology from Germany, the film is a creation of his own, featuring prominent actors Saugat Malla, Bipin Karki, Prabin Khatiwada, and Shristi Shrestha in leading roles.

The 2-minute and 10-second teaser centers around a crimson suitcase, portraying the protagonist’s journey from the airport to Saugat Malla’s village in Sindhuli. It delves into the narratives of Bipin Karki and Sristi Shrestha, capturing the incidents encountered along the way.

Director Fidel elaborated, “We’ve crafted the storyline of this film, blending elements of immigrant traditions and Nepal’s destiny, with a touch of mythology. It stands as a testament to our contemporary era.”

Saugat Malla, portraying a driver in the film, lamented the exodus of Nepali youths seeking opportunities abroad during the trailer launch. Similarly, Prabin Khatiwada revealed the somber reality of having to perform funeral rites for four relatives who returned from foreign employment after the film’s shooting.

Ramkrishna Pokharel, the film’s producer, emphasized its uniqueness in the Nepali film landscape, remarking, “The Red Suitcase” is a rarity; such creations cannot be replicated easily.”

Technical aspects of the film were executed in Sri Lanka, with Shova Thapa serving as the producer and Bimukti Jayasundara as the co-producer. Sushan Prajapati handled cinematography, while Saman Alvitigala was in charge of editing.

Having premiered in Venice in September the previous year, the film garnered significant recognition, clinching two prestigious awards at the festival and earning accolades at various other international film festivals.

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