Nepal’s Public Debt Surges to Rs 2.288 Trillion

Nepal's Public Debt Surges to Rs 2.288 Trillion

Nepal’s public debt has surged to Rs 2.288 trillion, as per the latest report from the Public Debt Management Office released on Sunday. Among this total, Nepal still owes Rs 1.185 trillion in domestic debt and Rs 1.227 trillion in foreign debt.

During the last eight months of the current fiscal year 2080/81, Nepal acquired an additional loan of Rs 218.86 billion. Payments have been made on these loans, with Rs 146.64 billion allocated towards domestic debt and Rs 28.86 billion towards foreign debt up to the current month of Falgun.

In the same period, the government augmented domestic debt by Rs 163.31 billion and foreign debt by Rs 55.55 billion. Presently, outstanding domestic debt stands at Rs 1.185 trillion, while foreign debt amounts to Rs 1.227 trillion.

From the loans acquired, the government has only repaid Rs 126.03 billion in principal, with an interest payment of Rs 49.47 billion, as per the available data.

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