“Pooja Sharma says – I have played a different role in the ‘Upahaar’ until now.”

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma: The film ‘Upahaar,’ directed by Rekha Thapa, is set to be released this coming Friday. In this film, actress Pooja Sharma has portrayed the character ‘Pooja.’

Pooja claims that the role she played in ‘Upahaar’ is different from her previous roles. She stated, “In this film, I am playing the character of Pooja, who has migrated from a village to the city. She is struggling to live in Kathmandu and earn money. The character depicts the challenges of working and earning money in the city, and it shows that she is willing to take unconventional paths to achieve her goals,” as mentioned in a media interview. She further added, “The events that happen in the life of a teenager are portrayed through my character in the film.”

Sharing her experience, Pooja emphasized how the current generation, especially the youth, is keen on finding ways to earn money. She said, “In ‘Upahaar,’ my character also thinks about earning money despite engaging in similar work. However, she also has the thought that she won’t do anything wrong to make money,” describing her character’s mindset in the movie.

Pooja also shared her interaction with Benisha, another character in the film, saying, “When Benisha told me, ‘Sister, this story doesn’t make me happy,’ I took up the character. Especially, I was initially assigned to portray Benisha’s character. But when Benisha decided not to play the character of ‘Pooja,’ I eventually took up the role.”

‘Upahaar’ is produced under the banners of Rekha Films and Kapilvastu Cinema Pralik, with direction by Jyanendra Devjal.

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