Rajesh Hamal to Host ‘Yo Nepali Shir Uchali’ Show on Himalaya TV

Rajesh Hamal to Host 'Yo Nepali Shir Uchali' Show on Himalaya TV

Actor Rajesh Hamal is set to host a television program titled “Yo Nepali Shir Uchali,” based on the dreams and struggles of Nepalis around the world. Hamal announced the television program during the teaser video release on Thursday.

Although the exact date has not been announced, it is stated that the program will air every Friday night at 8 PM starting from the new year of 2081 BS. The program, to be broadcast on Himalaya Television, will also be available for viewers to watch on the YouTube channel “Sajha Katha.”

Hamal, who has been preparing for this program for several years, expressed his intention to present the stories of Nepali struggles and successes that he has witnessed during his travels to various countries.

In the teaser video released to the public, Hamal stated, “This program will depict the real stories of Nepali dreams and struggles from around the world. It will be a combination of dedication, pride, and possibilities. It will document experiences and inspire.”

He further added, “After watching the program, you will also feel like saying, ‘This is the upliftment of Nepali spirit.'”

This marks a return for actor Hamal to the small screen after nearly three years. Previously, he hosted shows like “Jatak Prashna,” “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” and “Wai Wai Quiz.”

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