Ram Chandra Paudel inaugurates statues in Jaleshwor

Ram Chandra Paudel inaugurates statues in Jaleshwor

President Ram Chandra Paudel revealed statues commemorating the esteemed legacies of the late Ram Narayan Mishra, former minister and Nepali Congress leader, late Ganesh Nepalu, and martyr Keshav Koirala.

The statue of late Ram Narayan Mishra stands prominently in Pipara Rural Municipality-4, while Ganesh Nepalu’s statue is erected in Jaleshwor Municipality-5, and that of martyr Keshav Koirala adorns Matihani Municipality-8.

During the unveiling ceremony, President Paudel emphasized the significance of honoring the memory and contributions of these martyrs and former leaders.

He highlighted their enduring influence as a source of inspiration for the nation and its people, stressing the importance of recognizing and appreciating their invaluable contributions to the progress and development of the nation.

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