RSP Threatens Government Departure if Service Delivery Falls Short: Swarnim Wagley

Swarnim Wagley

Swarnim Wagley: “RSP Lawmaker Swarnim Wagle Signals Potential Government Exit Over Service Delivery Shortcomings

During the parliamentary debate on Prime Minister Dahal’s vote of confidence, Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) legislator Swarnim Wagle highlighted the party’s unwavering commitment to efficient service delivery. He emphasized that if the government falls short in fulfilling its assigned responsibilities, the RSP is prepared to withdraw from its coalition role.

Wagle clarified the party’s intent, stating, “We did not join the government to disrupt or play games. Our purpose is to work diligently. In our opposition days, we were robust in our roles. While heading specific ministries, we aim for optimal performance. However, should our efforts in service delivery fall short, we are ready to step out of the government.”

Expressing support for the Prime Minister’s dedication to effective governance, Wagle emphasized that the decision to potentially withdraw stems from the party’s commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities.”

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