Rupandehi Traffic Police Launches Lane Discipline Campaign to Enhance Road Safety

Rupandehi Traffic Police Introduces Campaign Promoting Lane Discipline

The Rupandehi Traffic Police has initiated a campaign to educate both passengers and drivers on maintaining road lane discipline. The campaign targets drivers across various routes including the Siddhartha Highway, the Belahiya-Butwal six-lane road, the East-West Highway, and the Postal Road, emphasizing the importance of lane discipline and adherence to traffic regulations.

On its inaugural day, the campaign saw over 1,000 small vehicle drivers receiving instruction on lane discipline. Additionally, traffic monitoring has been intensified using radar guns, particularly focusing on speed violations. Bajir Singh Bista, head of the District Traffic Police Office in Rupandehi, reported that over 1,000 drivers were penalized for exceeding speed limits within a month.

Apart from driver education, the initiative extends to schools, social organizations, and transportation professionals to promote awareness of traffic regulations. Since the launch of this education program, Rupandehi has witnessed a 20% reduction in monthly accident rates, according to Bista.

Despite road expansions and the implementation of varied speed limits, both small and large vehicles have been observed disregarding lane discipline. This disregard poses a significant risk of accidents, despite regulations stipulating a maximum speed of 60 km/h depending on the road’s classification.

Bista emphasized the importance of disciplined driving, stressing that adherence to traffic rules could significantly mitigate accident risks. He noted positive responses from passengers who appreciated being educated during the lane discipline campaign.

Local resident Bheshraj Gaire acknowledged the impact of the campaign, admitting his own oversight in adhering to lane rules while riding a motorcycle. He expressed gratitude for the intervention of traffic police, which prompted him to adopt a more conscientious approach to driving, ensuring compliance with traffic regulations.

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