SEE Question paper leaked in Siraha

SEE Question paper leaked in Siraha

SIRAHA- The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) in Siraha took a disturbing turn on its second day when reports surfaced of the Compulsory Nepali exam question paper being leaked.

Scheduled for today, students were poised to undertake the examination for this critical subject. However, within a mere 10 minutes of the exam’s commencement, alarming news spread regarding the unauthorized access to the question paper.

What’s even more disconcerting is the alleged involvement of the exam center’s Chairman and security guards in this unethical act. Their purported participation raises serious questions about the integrity of the examination process.

Currently, the leaked questions are rapidly circulating via platforms like WhatsApp, intensifying concerns about the fairness and credibility of the examination.

The incident underscores the urgent need for a thorough investigation and stringent measures to uphold the integrity of educational assessments, ensuring that students are evaluated fairly based on their knowledge and efforts.

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