SEE Students to Receive Career Counseling: Education Ministry Initiative

SEE Students to Receive Career Counseling Education Ministry Initiative

KATHMANDU- Students who have appeared for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will be provided with career counseling by the Ministry of Education.

Speaking at a journalists’ conference on Friday, Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Suman Shrestha, mentioned that preparations are underway to provide ‘career counseling coaching’ in cooperation with the University Grants Commission.

She stated, “What students study in grades 11 and 12, whether they can pursue only in those lines or what else can be done? What studies can make it easier than that? Therefore, preparations are being made to guide the students.”

Minister Shrestha also highlighted the initiative to provide students with ‘career counseling coaching’ by mobilizing the human resources of the relevant campuses affiliated with the universities. She informed that as much investment as possible has been made in the education sector.

She said, “I have looked at the statistics, and when I see that we are investing as much as possible in education, it seems to me that the availability is not sufficient.” Shrestha mentioned the need to improve all kinds of processes to make them availability-based.

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