The constitutional rights of women must be ensured: Madhav Kumar Nepal

Madhav Kumar Nepal

Madhav Kumar Nepal, the chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (Unified Marxist-Leninist), has emphasized the assurance of constitutional rights for women in the country’s development. In a press release issued today on the occasion of the 114th International Women’s Day, Chairman Nepal stated that representation of women in all state bodies, along with creating an environment that promotes their advancement in nation-building, is essential.

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He highlighted the need to eliminate all forms of discrimination in society, fostering economic and social transformation. In the press release, Chairman Nepal emphasized the establishment of social unity in a diverse country and the elimination of caste, gender, and class-based divisions. He stated that ensuring the representation of women in economic, social, and political fields is crucial for social transformation in the country.

Former Prime Minister Nepal acknowledged the active participation and contributions of women in various movements that led to political revolutions in the country at different times. He emphasized the state’s responsibility to secure their safety and uphold their legal rights, ensuring gender equality. The press release mentioned that International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide with the theme “Investing in Women: A Civilized and Prosperous Society.”

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