Spring Awakening: Tourists Flock to Kanchanjunga Conservation Area

Tourists Flock to Kanchanjungha Conservation Area

Kanchanjunga- The onset of this year’s spring season heralds the influx of both domestic and international tourists to the Kanchanjungha Conservation Area. Known for its majestic landscapes and the towering Kanchanjungha, the world’s third tallest peak, this region attracts visitors primarily for trekking, mountaineering, and various other tourist activities.

During the spring season, which spans from March to the first week of June, tourists flock to explore the beauty of Kanchanjungha. Recently, the Kanchanjunga Conservation Area Management Council reported the arrival of 60 foreigners at the Ghunsa area on a Wednesday.

Tasi Tenzing, an Assistant of the Council, noted the reopening of hotels along the trekking route, marking the commencement of tourist activities.

In the first part of this year, 650 foreigners ventured into the area, although records of domestic tourists remain unaccounted for. Last year, 439 foreigners visited the Kanchanjungha Conservation Area.

The Kanchanjunga Conservation Area Management Council oversees the operation of 52 hotels along the trekking route leading to the base camp of Kanchanjunga Mountain.

Tourism serves as the primary economic pillar for the communities inhabiting the Kanchanjunga region, contributing significantly to their livelihoods.

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