Two Indian Nationals Arrested in Sarlahi, One Injured in Police Encounter

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Sarlahi: Two ‘Most Wanted’ Indian Nationals Apprehended in Sarlahi; One Injured in Arrest Operation

In a significant breakthrough, authorities have captured two individuals on the ‘most wanted’ list from India in Sarlahi.

The apprehended suspects have been identified as 28-year-old Sanni Kumar Singh and 24-year-old Jitendra Raut, who was discovered residing in a rented accommodation within Barahathawa Municipality-6.

During the operation, law enforcement officials also confiscated weapons and magazines from their possession.

The arrest occurred at 8 pm on Monday night, prompted by a tip-off from Indian Police.

However, during the apprehension, Jitendra Raut sustained a gunshot wound to his leg as he attempted to escape, leading to his treatment at Malangawa-based Provincial Hospital.

Both Singh and Raut are facing allegations of multiple crimes in Nepal and India.

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