Udaypur Jeep accident claims 6 lives


A tragic incident occurred in Udaypur, resulting in the loss of at least six lives and leaving seven others injured in an accident involving a Bolero jeep.

The unfortunate event took place around 11 am on Thursday, at Belka Municipality-7 in Udaypur, as the jeep was on its way from Dharan to Ghoretar in Bhojpur. Police Inspector Roshan Thapa from the District Police Office Upaypur provided this information.

While specifics about the jeep remain undisclosed, initial reports suggest it veered off the road, leading to the devastating crash.

According to the accounts of the injured passengers, there were a total of 15 individuals on board, as confirmed by the police.

Rescue operations are currently underway to assist the seven injured individuals. The accident site is near the border of Bhojpur, prompting a swift response from both Bhojpur police stations and local authorities.

Investigations are ongoing, with efforts to identify the deceased still underway.

Emergency services have been activated, with an ambulance present at the scene. Further updates regarding the incident are awaited as the investigation progresses.

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