Weather Forecast: Rain Expected Across Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali Provinces

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast: The latest report from the Weather Forecasting Division indicates that Nepal’s weather is currently under the influence of both westerly and local winds.

In the hilly areas, particularly in Sudurpaschim, Karnali, and Gandaki provinces, the skies range from partly cloudy to mostly clear as observed by the Division.

Currently, some parts of the hilly regions in Gandaki Province are experiencing light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Throughout the afternoon, expect generally clear weather in the hilly areas of Gandaki, Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim provinces, while the remaining provinces will have cloudy conditions.

There’s a chance of light rain with thunder and lightning in certain parts of the hilly areas in Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali provinces, and possibly a few spots elsewhere in the hilly regions.

By afternoon, storms might develop in some areas of Lumbini and Sudurpaschim provinces.

Furthermore, anticipate light snowfall in isolated locations in high hills and Himalayan areas.

Tonight, the weather is predicted to range from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in the hilly regions of Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim provinces.

In Karnali province, a few areas in the hilly regions might experience light rain with thunder and lightning, while light snowfall is possible in one or two places in the high hills and Himalayan areas of Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali regions.

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