World Kidney Day: Observing Today’s Global Awareness Campaign

world kidney Day

Today, we commemorate World Kidney Day, dedicated to promoting kidney health through various initiatives.

Observed annually on the second Thursday of March, this day serves as a global platform to highlight the importance of kidney health on the English calendar.

This year’s focal point revolves around ensuring ‘equal access to kidney treatment and safe medical practices.’

Numerous health organizations are initiating activities with a rally starting from Ratnapark this morning.

The rally will conclude at Dasharath Stadium, featuring a friendly football match involving participants from diverse backgrounds such as artists, journalists, philanthropists, doctors, staff, alongside transplant recipients and organ donors.

Statistics indicate that one in every 10 individuals suffers from kidney disease.

World Kidney Day aims to raise awareness about essential measures for identifying, treating, and preventing kidney diseases, given their widespread occurrence worldwide.

The kidneys play a vital role in blood purification and waste elimination from the body. They also regulate water balance, control blood pressure, maintain electrolyte levels, and contribute to the production of vitamin D and red blood cells.

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