Yam Lal Kandel appointed Karnali chief minister

Yam Lal Kandel appointed Karnali chief minister

Karnali– Yam Lal Kandel, a member of the CPN-UML, assumed the role of Karnali Chief Minister on Tuesday. Tilak Pariyar, the Head of the Province, appointed Kandel, who serves as the provincial assembly leader for UML, following his assertion to lead a new government.

Kandel asserted his candidacy for the chief ministerial position with the backing of 23 provincial assembly members. Of these, 13 were from the CPN (Maoist Centre), nine from UML, and one from the CPN (Unified Socialist), collectively providing him with the necessary support.

In the 40-member assembly, a majority requires the backing of at least 21 members.

Following the resignation of Raj Kumar Sharma on Wednesday, Province Head Pariyar invited political parties to submit claims for forming the government. Sharma had announced his resignation during a provincial assembly meeting.

According to the coalition agreement at the central level, the chief ministerial position in Karnali was designated to the UML.

Despite the decision made at the central level, Sharma, along with other members of the CPN (Maoist Centre) in the province, had opposed its implementation. Initially planning to seek a vote of confidence on Wednesday, Sharma changed course after receiving instructions from Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who also leads the CPN (Maoist Centre). The appointment of the Maoist Centre’s provincial assembly leader as Karnali Province chief minister took place on January 11, 2023.

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