Bhuwan Giri, The Former Judge Jailed

Bhuwan Giri, The Former Judge Jailed

Kathmandu, Nepal– Former Judge Bhuwan Giri, found guilty of marital rape charges, was escorted to jail following his appearance at the District Court in Kathmandu on Monday.

The division bench, comprising Supreme Court Justices Hari Phuyal and Til Prasad Shrestha, issued an order on April 3 to incarcerate Giri, overturning the decisions of both the Kathmandu District Court and Patan High Court, which had previously granted him bail.

Despite the prior court orders for his release, Giri had not been apprehended, leading to a legal battle initiated by his wife, Aarti Rawal. Giri, having voluntarily surrendered himself to the court, is now serving his sentence behind bars.

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