Flood In UAE Killed Nepali Worker

Flood In UAE Killed Nepali Worker

United Arab Emirates– The Nepali Embassy in Abu Dhabi has sadly confirmed the passing of Mohan Pun, a Nepali laborer hailing from Bharatpur, amidst the recent floods that have affected the United Arab Emirates.

According to reports, Mr. Pun was caught in floodwaters near a bridge on the road connecting Sharjah and Ajman while on duty at the Well Cafe restaurant. He was in the UAE on a re-visit visa, as stated by the embassy.

The incessant heavy rains over the past couple of days have resulted in widespread flooding across the UAE, leading to the closure of government offices. Consequently, the embassy’s efforts to gather additional information about the deceased have been impeded.

The Nepali Embassy expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Pun and is actively engaged in providing the necessary assistance during this challenging time.

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