Nepali Workers Stranded in UAE: Embassy Urges Action Against Exploitative Manpower Agencies

Nepali Workers Stranded in UAE

The Nepali Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recommended action against Manpower for detaining Nepali youth who have come to the UAE for foreign employment.

The Embassy has sent a letter to the Department of Foreign Employment, Tahachal, Kathmandu to take action against Kathmandu-based Mechi International Overseas Pvt.

When the news of the Nepalese labor problem came to be known through various media, the embassy contacted the company and the manpower agency to solve the problem and promised to solve the problem within a week”, said the letter written by the Labor Assistant Avid Ansari, “but even now the problem is still the same and the problem is the same.” Since no initiative has been taken for the solution, Mainpower and the company are requested to take necessary action as per the order.

The agent of Mechi International Overseas sent to Noor Al Afsa Cleaning Services East and Unique Star General Security Guard Services of UAE for the job of cleaner, but the Nepali workers were left stranded due to lack of work, salary and service facilities as per the labor agreement.

The news that 19 Nepali people including Parshuram Rai and Rajkumar Rai (brothers from the same house) of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-5 Chisapani of Khotang were stranded due to lack of work and wages as per the labor contract was published on March 2nd.

Along with the Khotange brothers (Parshuram Daju and Rajkumar Bhai), Bhavisi JC of Surkhet, Devasin Sunari of Palpa Tinau, Sunil Shrestha of Nawalparasi, Man Bahadur Shahi of Dailekh, Tilak Bahadur Sunar of Dhading, Manoj Tharu of Kapilvastu, Kishore Khatri of Udaipur Gaighat, Himal Sartunge of Gulmi Musikot, Jitendra Shahi of Calikot were stranded along with the Khotange brothers. , Karan Sardar of Morang, Lakshmi Prasad Dulal of Tehrathum, Misrilal Das of Jhapa, Khadk Bahadur Shrestha of Sindhupalchok, Man Bahadur Karki of Udaipur, Ash Bahadur Gurung of Gorkha, Padam Nepal of Morang and Lakpa Tamang of Nuwakot.

Although they were taken to UAE to receive a monthly salary of 1,100 to 1,200 UAE Dirhams with accommodation facilities, they were given 900 Dirhams per month including food, and 100 Dirhams per month for those who eat their own food.

They said that they reached the UAE by paying Rs.190,000 to Rs.220,000 per person to the agent. Sanjay Thapa from Nepal and Nias from India, who are in the UAE, used to look for work in other companies and would work for a few days and keep them in the room until they found work. After seeing the situation of not getting regular work and having to eat alone in the room, the youth came in contact with the media.

Mechi International Overseas Pvt Ltd President Rajkumar Chaudhary sent a letter to Noor Al Afsa Cleaning Services East and Unique Star General Security Guard Services on February 7th to guarantee that they will provide the service facilities as per the agreement. However, Parshuram Rai, one of the victims, has been saying that the problem of the workers has not been resolved.

The Department of Foreign Employment instructed Manpower to appear with a written answer on March 6. Thapa is pressuring the 19 youths who came in contact with various media after not getting the work, salary, and service facilities as per the labor agreement, and making videos and papers stating that it was their own fault.

According to the stranded youth, there are many Nepalis in UAE who are suffering without getting the work and wages as per the contract. There is no one to raise their voice for their rights. Even when they were stranded in UAE for four months, they were angry that the Nepal government had not shown any interest. Rajkumar arrived in UAE on February 10 and Parshuram on February 23 for foreign employment.

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