Curfew still in place in Sunsari

Curfew still in place in Sunsari

Sunsari– The controversy sparked by a video posted on Facebook has led to unrest, prompting the imposition of a curfew in five municipalities of Sunsari even on Saturday.

Following escalated tensions between two groups, indefinite curfews were imposed in Inneruwa Municipality, Bhokraha Narasingh Municipality, Harinagar Municipality, Devanganj Municipality, and Koshi Municipality starting from Saturday after the district administration office in Sunsari initiated a curfew from Friday evening.

To lift the curfew, the local administration had invited all parties for talks. According to Sunsari’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bipin Regmi, a decision regarding the curfew will be made after the talks.

The situation remained tense throughout Friday in the southern region of Sunsari, making Saturday relatively normal due to the imposition of curfew. Heavy police presence was observed.

In Bhutaha, a clash occurred on Friday, where locals had assaulted a youth over a video posted on Facebook, leading to tensions between the Hindu and Muslim communities throughout the day.

During the clash on Friday in Bhutaha, around 10 demonstrators and 18 police personnel were injured. The police had to resort to tear gas and aerial firing to control the situation.

On Saturday morning in Devanganj, locals protested by burning tires, claiming that a youth had been assaulted the previous night.

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